If your refrigerator truck malfunctions, you should contact a commercial truck service that specializes in refrigerator truck repair services.

An experienced technician can inspect the condenser, multiple types of sensors, the evaporator, and the thermostat in order to identify any issues. The technician will most likely also examine the coils that contain the refrigerant. Sometimes, a leaking coil may reduce the efficiency of a refrigerator truck, augment the temperature of the refrigerator and potentially lead to damaged contents, which can be extremely costly. When a leaking coil is located, the repair specialist can determine the cause of the leak, replace the coil and add new refrigerant.

Refrigerator Truck Repair, North Carolina

Reefer Truck RepairInspecting the Condenser

When one of our ASE-certified technicians examines your truck, they will typically evaluate the condenser, and this component contains a substantial amount of refrigerant. When the compressor absorbs warm air, the condenser will quickly reduce the temperature of the air. The refrigerant will cause the heat to dissipate, and subsequently, the cold air can enter the refrigerator. Occasionally, a damaged coil could cause a serious leak, reduce the level of refrigerant and increase the temperature of the refrigerator.

When a coil is leaking, a technician can find the leaking coil, and subsequently, estimate the cost of the repair, replace the coil and test the other relative components.

Examining the Evaporator and Providing Refrigerator Truck Repair Services

A reefer truck features an evaporator that can remove heat from the refrigerator. The evaporator contains an efficient fan that improves the flow of air, and once the air enters the evaporator, the air will flow through the coils. If a refrigerator truck contains a defective evaporator, the malfunctioning part may increase the temperature in the refrigerator truck, and consequently, bacteria could form within any refrigerated foods if not repaired in time.

When you contact us Red Rover Service, one of our ASE-certified mechanics can test the evaporator, examine the fan and describe any cause of the malfunction. If the evaporator is malfunctioning, our mobile mechanic can install a new evaporator that contains a durable fan and resolve the issue.

Evaluating the Belts

The refrigerator truck may contain several belts that could improve the efficiency of the refrigerator. Eventually, these belts might become worn, and when the belt is moving, you may notice an unusual noise that emanates from the belt. If the belt snaps, the fan might not move, and consequently, the defective belt could substantially reduce the flow of air within the refrigerator.

One of our mobile mechanics can provide an estimate for a replacement belt and any installation fees associated with installing the new belt. Once you review the refrigerator truck repair estimate and approve, we can get the new belt installed and have you back on the road in no time.

Replacing the Thermostat

At Red Rover Service, we could install a thermostat that will automatically modulate the temperature within your refrigerator truck. You can easily adjust the settings of the thermostat, and if the temperature rises, the thermostat could provide an alert.

Our ASE-certified mechanics specialize in commercial truck repair. We always provide an estimate prior to completing any work on your big rig.

Inspecting the Brake System

In the event, your reefer truck is having issues with the braking system, one of our mobile mechanics can examine the calipers, the rotors, brake pads, and brake lines that are connected to the master cylinder.

If needed, we can install new brake pads that can improve the efficiency of the brakes, increase the durability of the rotors and reduce slippage. When performing routine maintenance, the mechanic may also test the calipers, and examine the pistons that are located within the calipers.

Sometimes, corrosion could reduce the efficiency of a caliper, and the corrosion may decrease the flexibility of the pistons. If your refrigerator truck has worn calipers, we can install new calipers that could increase stopping power, improve safety and protect the rotors from being damaged.

Scheduling an Appointment and Receiving a Detailed Estimate

If you have any questions about our commercial truck repair services, you may browse our website, review our roadside repair services, read over customer testimonials and view our blog.

We would be happy to inspect your refrigerator truck, provide consultation and make any repairs needed in order to get you back on the road. At Red Rover Truck Service, we also complete routine commercial truck maintenance that can improve the efficiency of the vehicle. We’re also one of the most trusted names in mobile fleet management! We can manage any size commercial vehicle fleet.

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