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As a commercial truck driver, you have passion for your work, but realize the risks of being on the road when no mechanics can reach you. Sure, you’re a handy driver, or maybe, you taught your fleet of professionals to be self-sufficient. The truth is that it’s not enough. If you saw the many cases we see each year, you’d be a believer also. Bucket truck drivers encounter unique challenges, but it’s how you come up with a solution that matters. If you’re managing a fleet of vehicles, then you can’t afford to see even one of them stranded on a road without help.

We know that your aerial work platforms are your business, and you deserve to keep that business up and running. Installing signage, trimming forestry, or doing telecommunications require that you offer fast service. Here’s a better look at how you do so without losing clients.

Bucket Truck Issues That Call for Roadside Repairs

Red Rover Service is here to tell you it plainly. The best way to work as a trucking business is with services that keep your truck or fleet maintained. Otherwise, you face these risks:

Bucket Truck Repair for Hydraulic Lines

In every aspect of operating a bucket truck, you need the right hydraulic pressure. The moment you stop at a work site, that need for hydraulics is more undeniable. This not only calls for the right pressure but for it to be kept in the right container. Without hydraulic lines sealed, you’re as good as inoperable. Powering the boom on a bucket truck calls for the type of power you can’t get without your lines, connections and gauges full. We take care of these for you.

Repair Needs for Outriggers

If you can’t lift your truck into a stable position, you run the risk of tipping it over. Heck, you won’t even get your PTO to work for the boom assembly to power up. Finding the outriggers stuck is a nightmare we all have to consider. Sure, you want to be able to work and get paid for it. The last thing you want is to call us because your truck is laying on its side. If your hydraulic power is low or not circulating, then our technicians will bring a solution to you.

Knuckle or Stick Boom Assembly

We know that not all boom extensions are made the same. However, we’re still equipped to service the type of boom you have. When you’re operating a knuckle boom, you have more parts exposed than other setups do. Broken gears are common but don’t have to be a real problem. As for stick booms, balancing their trucks is often the concern drivers have. You need the right parts and assemblies to stay safe with, and we show up to ensure that you can work.

Failing Your Aerial Platform Inspection

No matter the job or experience you have, if you fail a random aerial platform inspection, then you can’t go to work. Your best bet is to find any damages in need of repair before an inspection happens. The fines are hefty, and any ongoing penalties can put you out of business. No one can operate their boom without the right credentials. It’s not worth it to have your privilege to work as a trucker taken. Consider our roadside service for even the smallest issue.

Bucket Truck Repair When You Need It Most

The next time you consider taking on jobs on a whim, consider what might go wrong. None of us have the time to waste or the clients to lose. This is why truckers rely on repair services that meet them where they are. Roadside services help you to relax.

Red Rover Service: The Only Mechanic You Need

We keep things simple at Red Rover Service. Not only do we provide bucket truck repairs, but we also specialize in fleet management. We service North and South Carolina, so wherever you find yourself, help is on its way. Consider saving our phone line at 704-317-6161 today. For the best roadside or on-site repairs, having us on speed dial is your best bet!