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When it comes to Charlotte emergency tire replacement, here at Red Rover Service, we always have someone on call and ready to come out and help you with your tire replacement needs.  Although our team can help with your emergency tire replacement needs, it’s also very important for you to monitor your tires yourself which is why today we want to cover five warning signs not to ignore when it comes to your tire health.

Charlotte Emergency Tire Replacement: 5 Warning Signs Not To Ignore

1. Worn Tread

Most of us know to keep an eye on the wear of our tire tread, but even though we know it, many of us forget to do it! As a commercial driver, you are the first line of defense when it comes to spotting wear on your tires treads so be sure that you are checking them each and every run you make. All you have to do is glance at the tread wear indicator bar on the tire, it’s as simple as that and it can save you a lot of trouble in the long run! If your wear is getting to that 1/16-inch mark, don’t push it, get rid of those tires, and invest in some that are safer for you and your truck to drive on.

2. Bubbles, Bulges, and Blisters

If you’ve ever known a mechanic or ever even talked to your “tire guy” then you will see red warning lights flashing in your head as soon as you hear the words bubble, bulge, or blister in relation to your tires. These are all signs that you shouldn’t ignore. In fact, they’re signs that you should call for tire replacement immediately. Bubbles, bulges, and blisters on your tire walls all indicate that there is a weak spot in the tire itself and that weak spot could cause tire failure at any point. Don’t ignore those red flashing lights, if you see signs of weak tire walls, get them replaced NOW!

3. Uneven Wear

The tires on a well maintained and regularly serviced truck should be evenly worn. If you notice any unusual patterns of wear that have led to uneven tread depth on your tires, it’s time to call out your mechanic! Uneven tread wear can be the result of a few different problems including:

  • Improper air pressure in your tires
  • Poor alignment on your truck
  • Damage to the tires
  • Suspension/structural problems

While it may seem like a small issue, uneven wear on your tire treads can actually lead to a much bigger problem if you continue to ignore it. The best practice is to check for uneven tread wear whenever you check your tread depth and if you notice any uneven wearing on your tires, head to your mechanic or call your mechanic out to you. Postponing this call can only cause worsening wear as well as put more strain on your vehicle which could cause a catastrophic failure.

4. Cracking

Noticed cracking on your tires lately? Sometimes these cracks on the sides of your tires can be due to weakness in the tire itself. Leaving this type of issue unresolved puts you at risk for tire failure while you’re on the road. If you notice cracking in your tires, don’t overlook it or give yourself an excuse to avoid the mechanic today, get them looked at NOW to avoid the possibility of a blowout.

5. Vibration

You should recognize how your tires “run”, but even if you don’t, if they start to vibrate you will undoubtedly notice the change in feel. Vibration from your tires can be caused by a number of different problems – all of which need to be resolved ASAP. Most often vibration turns out to be the result of misalignment, but in other cases, it could be something as serious as damage to the suspension of your truck, so it’s not something to ignore!

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Use Your Common Sense

If you are a regular driver, you should know how your truck “feels” as well as how your tires sound and look. If you ever notice a change in the “normal” feel, sound, or sight of your tires, don’t dismiss it, have a professional look them over and check for any underlying problems. The sooner you catch and fix a problem, the less your cost is going to be, and the less likely you are to be injured or injure someone else while on the road!

Looking For Help With Charlotte Emergency Tire Replacement?

Need help with emergency tire replacement? Our team can help, just give us a call at 704-317-6161 and we’ll get someone out to you in no time at all!