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Every reputable diesel truck repair shop will stay on top of your truck’s regular maintenance because as a truck owner, it can be easy to forget. At Red Rover, we make sure that all of our clients are well cared for, which is why today we’re going to remind you of five important maintenance tips that you need to keep in mind!

Diesel Truck Repair Shop Shares 5 Important Maintenance Tips

Stay On Top Of Your Oil Changes!

It’s simple enough, but you’d be surprised just how many people forget to get their oil changed when it’s due.

Oil is what keeps your truck engine lubricated, so it’s important that there is enough oil to do that job. If you don’t keep on top of your oil changes, you’re putting your truck at risk of overheating! Now that’s a headache that no truck driver wants to deal with!

Check The Radiator

While we’re on the subject of overheating, be sure to check your radiator too! Check that your radiator fluids are topped off and make sure there are no leaks.

You need your radiator (with radiator fluid!) to keep your engine from overheating. In fact, your entire cooling system is dependent on your radiator. So, if your radiator has a leak, if your fluids aren’t topped off, or if there’s a clog in the system…well, your engine is going to get very hot, very quickly.

Don’t Push It

When you notice a problem with your truck – a bump, a rattle, a groan, a click, running slower than it should, running louder than it should, struggling to start…ANYTHING out of the norm, get your truck in for service.

Don’t ignore those little changes because the longer you ignore the little things, the worse they are going to get.

We know that it’s an interruption to your routine, that you have to get that run finished, that you need the money…there are a million and one reasons to put things off – don’t! A small thing is easier and cheaper to fix.

Keep an Eye on Your Brakes

Your brake pads wear quickly and without regular service, you are just setting yourself up for failure. Work with your mechanic to establish a regular schedule for changing your brake pads based on your average mileage. This will ensure that your brake pads are always ready to tackle the road and keep you and everyone else on the road safe.

Keep The Filters Changed

Regular maintenance for your truck means regularly changing filters – ALL FILTERS. Keeping your filters clean keeps your truck running smoothly and more efficiently.

Work with your mechanic and make sure that your filters are checked and changed regularly as part of your regular maintenance.

Keep Your Tires In Good Shape

Another part of regular maintenance for your truck is keeping your tires in good shape. That means always checking your tire pressure before each trip and keep them at the recommended pressure.

If you notice any unusual wear on your tires, get in to see your mechanic. Unusual wear patterns can indicate a bigger problem that can lead to serious consequences.

Also, keep your eye on your tires for any cracking or bubbles in the tire walls, etc. Any damage to your tires can just be setting you up for a blowout and putting lives in danger.

Check Your Belts

When you check in with your mechanic for regular maintenance, they will do a full points check which includes checking your belts for wear and tear.

In between maintenance checks with your mechanic, you still want to do a visual inspection of your belts before each trip. Replace worn belts when you notice them showing any signs of wear or have your mechanic do the job for you. Don’t leave belts with wear untended to, that wear will only get worse and it won’t hold up to much.

Know Who You Are Trusting Your Truck To

When you choose a mechanic for your truck, make sure that you know who you are entrusting your truck to. Be sure that they are properly trained, that they know your truck model, and be sure that they have a solid reputation.

Looking For a Diesel Truck Repair Shop in or Around Charlotte, NC?

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