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If you’re searching online for “mobile mechanics near me” then you either have a problem now or you are planning ahead in case you have one in the future. Either way, our team here at Red Rover Service is here to help!

Mobile Mechanics Near Me: 5 Top Reasons to Call a Mobile Mechanic

As one of the leading mobile mechanics in the Charlotte, North Carolina area, our team here at Red Rover Service gets plenty of callouts at all hours of the day and night from people in need. So today, we want to quickly cover the top five reasons to call a mobile mechanic.

1. A Mobile Mechanic Will Come to You

Yes, it sounds ridiculous to give as a reason to call out a mobile mechanic, but think about it…

If you were to go to a mechanic’s shop you would have to lose a good chunk of your day being towed to the shop and waiting around appointments for them to fit your truck in. When you call a mobile mechanic, though, your problem can often be fixed right where your truck stands. That means no lost time traveling to and from a garage, it means no waiting around while other people get their trucks worked on, AND it means not having to stray from your current mapped route so that when your truck is repaired, you can get right back on route to your next stop without wasting any time.

2. You Need Help NOW!

In the example above, we mentioned the inconvenience of having to wait for your mechanic to have time to work on your vehicle after you get towed back to the shop. Well, as you know, it doesn’t work the same way when you call for a mobile mechanic. Yes, once in a while we may have to ask you to wait briefly, but at Red Rover Service, we have enough mechanics on the team that you will never have to wait long to get the help you need. You certainly won’t have to wait for an appointment!

3. Some Problems Are Just Dangerous!

Sometimes something will go awry with your truck and it’s just not safe for you to drive two feet more without putting yourself and everyone else on the road at risk. Now, there are irresponsible drivers out there who will throw caution to the wind and chance driving to a mechanics garage to get their problem fixed. Don’t be one of those people. If you are facing a dangerous problem with your truck, the last thing that you need to be doing is driving it anywhere. Stay put, pick up the phone, and call a mobile mechanic who can come to you. Then, if the problem is one that does need addressing at a garage, you can be safely towed to a garage where your truck can be made roadworthy.

4. You Get to Choose Your Mechanic

When you choose a mobile mechanic, you get to decide who you use to work on your truck. You find someone who you trust and you keep their number with you and call then when you need their assistance. When you pull up to a garage in the middle of nowhere, however, you wind up with a complete stranger working on your truck. Of course, this doesn’t mean that they aren’t going to be a great mechanic, but you won’t know that until they have finished working on your truck, and is that something that you are willing to risk in a vehicle that you are driving around in all hours of the day, every day of the week?

Keep a reliable mobile mechanic’s phone number on you at all times and when you need help, call them first!

5. Consistency

You can’t always have the same mechanic working on your truck, but the more often you have the same mechanic work on your vehicle, the more consistency of service you are going to receive. So, whenever possible, call the mechanic that you know and not the one that you don’t!

Looking For Reputable Mobile Mechanics?

If you’re looking for reputable mobile mechanics around your area, and you live in or around Charlotte, North Carolina, call us here at Red Rover Service today! You can reach us at 704-317-6161 and we always have someone available to answer the phone so you never need to worry about having to talk to a machine and hope that someone gets your message!