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Whether you’re stuck on the side of the road and searching Google for a “liftgate repair service near me” or you need a mobile lift gate service to come to your location, Red Rover Service has you covered.

Liftgate Repair Service: Common Lift Gate Problems

If you have ever been stuck on the side of a busy highway waiting for a tow truck because your liftgate won’t open, then you know how frustrating. Here are a few common problems that can occur with commercial truck lift gates:

Liftgate not opening at all – This problem occurs when there is something wrong with the mechanism inside the liftgate itself. The most common cause of this issue is a broken spring or other component within the liftgate assembly. If you notice that the liftgate doesn’t open at all, it’s time to call our experts!

Liftgate won’t close – Another common problem with liftgates is that they don’t close completely. This could be caused by worn out components such as hinges, springs, cables, etc. Our expert technicians will make sure that everything is working properly before we leave your property.

Liftgate won’t lock – Sometimes liftgates just aren’t designed well enough to keep your cargo secure. This could happen if the locking mechanism isn’t strong enough or if the latch mechanism is damaged. It’s important to note that some vehicles require a special key to unlock them while others use a button to activate the lock.

Liftgate Maintenance Tips

The most important thing when it comes to maintaining your liftgate is regular maintenance. This includes cleaning the inside and outside of the liftgate as well as checking the hinges, tracks, and rollers. It’s also important to check any cables and connections. If you notice anything out of place or if there are any signs of wear and tear, call us immediately so we can provide a free estimate.

Liftgate Repair ServicesAdditional Roadside Truck Services That We Provide

At Red Rover Service, all of our mobile commercial truck repair technicians are ASE-certified. We are a full-service mobile truck repair service that specializes in big rigs.

Hydraulic Line Repair

We offer hydraulic line repairs on all makes and models of semi-trucks. Whether you need a new hydraulic hose or you’ve had one replaced, we can help.

Trailer Door Repair

Doors on trailers can get stuck and become difficult to operate. We can fix these doors quickly and efficiently.

Machine Repair

Whether you’re looking for machine repair services or you want to schedule a visit to your local shop, we can help. From small engine repairs to major equipment breakdowns, we work with all types of machinery.

DOT Inspections

It’s important to ensure that your vehicle complies with federal regulations. To do this, we perform mobile DOT inspections.

Fleet Management

Our fleet management specialists can handle all aspects of fleet operations from scheduled maintenance to fuel deliveries.

Why You Should Call RRS When You Need Liftgate Repair Service

Red Rover Service is an independent mobile lift gate repair service that specializes in servicing all makes and models of commercial trucks including: Ford, Chevy, Dodge, Freightliner Cascadia, Kenworth T680, Peter, and others.

We are fully licensed and insured.

Our team of highly trained ASE-certified liftgate repair technicians can repair and service any type of liftgate from manual to electric.

Give RRS truck service a call now, 704-317-6161. We proudly service North Carolina and South Carolina. No call-outs and we have live dispatch ready to take your roadside assistance or shop call!