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Red Rover Service is proud to announce that we now have a physical location where you can bring your truck for services, repairs, and anything else you might need from our skilled team of mechanics! Previously we had been a roadside only service offering mobile truck repair to anyone who called on us, but now you can call on us even when it isn’t an emergency!

Commercial Truck Shop: Red Rover Has a Physical Location!

At Red Rover Service we have long provided our clients with roadside assistance. Whether they needed help with a blowout or had an issue with overheating, our mechanics would be on the scene in no time at all and get our clients on their way as soon as possible.

Over the years we have built a solid client base among those who trust our skilled team of mechanics for roadside service, but we would often get asked whether we had a commercial truck shop where they could come by to see our mechanics for their other needs. We thought long and hard about the decision, and with such loyalty from our clients and their desire for continuity of service in non-roadside situations, we decided that it was about time for us to open a truck shop!

Based on the feedback from our current clients, we believe that having a commercial truck shop available will offer a number of benefits including:

Continuity of Service

We mentioned this previously, but it’s an important consideration for anyone who has so much invested in their vehicle. When you find a good mechanic who you trust to work on your vehicle, you want to stick with that mechanic. You don’t only want to be able to call on them during times of an emergency. You want to maintain a relationship with that mechanic so that the quality of service that your truck receives at every point is on par with your expectations!

Ongoing Monitoring

When you are able to use the same mechanic or team of mechanics for all of your truck services, there is the added benefit of ongoing monitoring. Since your mechanic sees your vehicle at every service and repair, they get to know your vehicle and that makes it easier to identify when something doesn’t feel or sound the way that it should for your particular vehicle. This is a huge asset because it means that your mechanic can catch problems before they become serious enough to interrupt your next job.

Getting to Know Your Mechanic

For those of us who depend on our vehicles for a living, trusting a mechanic to work on that vehicle is a big decision. By opening up a commercial shop, we are giving our clients the opportunity to get to know their mechanic on a personal level. Why does this matter? We may be “old school,” but we believe that personalized service is better service. You should know exactly who you are trusting to work on your truck. You should be able to talk to your mechanic about concerns that you have about your vehicle even if you aren’t quite sure that they are valid concerns.

Maybe you don’t feel like having a personal relationship with your mechanic and you’d rather drop your truck off just so that you can maintain consistency of service and that’s just fine too! We respect your choices when it comes to your vehicle and appreciate the opportunity to serve you in a way that you feel comfortable with.

You Don’t Have to Deal With Those Big Corporations Anymore

In keeping with our belief in the importance of personalized service, we feel that something big is lost when you have to turn to major corporations for service. We don’t think that you should be seen as a number in the books or a time slot in the day, we think that you should be seen as a valued client and we are fully aware that as a small business, our success depends directly on our relationship with you. In short – as a small business, we value you and your patronage. You will never be just a figure to us.

Looking For a Commercial Truck Shop in or Around Charlotte, NC?

Are you looking for a commercial truck shop in or around Charlotte, NC? If so, give us a call today at Red Rover Service at 704-317-6161 and let us know what we can do for you!