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At Red Rover trailer repair shop, we often get new clients coming in to see us long after they should. Whether it’s procrastination or simply not recognizing that something needed addressing, these drivers face much more serious problems as a result of waiting to see their mechanic. That’s why today we’re talking a little bit about some of the signs that it’s time to see your mechanic – And not wait!!!

Trailer Repair Shop Shares 6 Signs It’s Time to Drop in On Your Mechanic

The best advice we can give you is that when you suspect something is “off” with your trailer or you feel something different when you’re driving, it’s always best to drop in on your mechanic for a once over. It’s far better to catch a simple problem early than to let that problem worsen until it becomes a much bigger problem – or worse – causes a serious accident.

There are many signs that your truck can give you that may indicate a need for mechanic service, but here are a few that we hear about most often…

1. Knocking in the Engine

You should never hear knocking from your truck engine! It doesn’t matter what you drive, actually, you should never hear knocking from an engine!

There are a few things that can cause engine knocking, these include contaminated oil, timing problems, damaged or worn piston skirts, liner seals, or main bearings.

Depending on the cause of the knocking, it may already be too late for repairs, but whatever the cause, allowing it to continue will only lead to serious problems! Get to your mechanic NOW!

2. Smoke

There is a difference between blow-by and smoke. If you start to notice smoke from your truck, it’s a surefire sign that your truck need attention from a professional mechanic and it needs it now! Smoke could be a sign that your injectors need attention, your timing gear is broken, improper valve clearance, clogged cylinder head valves, your fuel pump is experiencing low pressure, cracked head gaskets…the list goes on and on. Without attention from a mechanic, though, unusual smoke from your truck can lead to a serious engine failure!

3. Change in Your Exhaust Color

If you’ve noticed a change in your exhaust color, it could be that your fuel is contaminated or you could be burning oil, but in either case, it’s not something that is going to go away by itself! Changes in exhaust color that go untreated are also very likely to lead to more significant problems.

4. Bad Gas Mileage

After driving the same truck for so long, you get a good idea of your average gas mileage. If you have noticed this gas mileage changing for the worst lately, however, it’s time to see your mechanic. The reason that your truck is getting such poor gas mileage is almost always because it is having to work too hard to compensate for something that isn’t performing optimally. Most frequently, you will notice this type of change in gas mileage when your injectors are damaged.

5. A Loss of Power

A loss of power in your truck gives you an impending sense of doom and sometimes that sense of doom is justified. If your truck starts to lose power, it could be the result of cylinder compression loss, worn head gaskets, or worn piston rings. Whatever the cause, though, it’s time to head to your mechanic because a failure to address the problem is going to leave you stranded by the side of the road because at some point, that truck is just going to give out!

6. Low Oil Levels ALL THE TIME

If you find yourself always needing to top off your oil, it’s a good indication that you have an oil leak or that your truck is burning oil. Both of these situations can damage your piston rings and neither is particularly great for the environment either. Not to mention breathing in that burnt oil smell! No, if you start to notice regularly low oil levels, it’s time to head to your mechanic!

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