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When you search for “roadside assistance near me” and need immediate service from certified mechanics, our team here at Red Rover Service has got you covered! There are more than a few roadside assistance truck services out there, though, so you may be wondering what it is that makes Red Rover Service stand out from the crowd. Well, today we are sharing five reasons why you should rely on our team in your time of need!

Roadside Assistance Near Me: 5 Reasons to Call Red Rover Roadside Service

1. 24/7 Roadside Service

Roadside service is a service that you call only when you need help right away, so calling a roadside service company only to be told that they can’t help you until they open shop again in the morning. At Red Rover Service, we know that an emergency is emergency which is why we are open 24/7. Whether you are calling us for help with a blowout, a dead battery, or a more serious mechanical matter, you just have to call us on our roadside service hotline and we will get one of our professional mechanics out to you in no time at all. That’s because we are open 24/7 so you never have to sit and wait and waste time that you could be using to make money!

2. We Don’t Just Specialize in Basics

Some roadside repair services only offer basic services like tire changes and battery replacements. While these services are great when that’s the problem, simple issues aren’t always the problem. When major issues strike and you are left roadside in need of help, you need to know that you can rely on someone experienced, someone you can trust to get you back on the road with as little of a delay as possible. At Red Rover Service, our team of mechanics can tackle the basics and the more advanced issues will skill, precision, and speed.

3. We Are a Member of the Better Business Bureau

There are many mechanics and roadside services out there, but some of those that advertise themselves as professional and licensed businesses aren’t always either of those things. Working with an amateur unlicensed mechanic when you need roadside assistance spells trouble for everyone because it means that a repair may not be done properly and that repair could lead to problems further down the road that cost even more money! On top of that, when you use an unlicensed mechanic, you have no recourse should you run into problems that result from improper repairs.

At Red Rover Service, every one of our mechanics is professionally licensed and up to date on the most recent mechanic techniques, tools, and practices. On top of this, though, we are also a proud member of the Better Business Bureau. Being a member of the BBB is important because it lets you know that we are a licensed business and that we take pride in our reputation – so much so that we want you to know what others think about our service!

4. We Also Offer Machine Repair

Some roadside services only offer truck repair and others offer only car repair. At Red Rover Service, we offer a full range of repair services including professional machinery. So whether you have a Bandit, Rayco, John Deere, Woodchuck, Ditch Witch, Bobcat, or CAT machine that needs a little tinkering with, our roadside mechanics can get the job done for you in no time at all.

Trust our team here at Red Rover Service to get your commercial machinery back up and working at full capacity while you wait minimal time and get to go back to work ASAP! We know all too well that time is money and it’s best for all of us to get problems taken care of as soon as they happen!

5. We Provide Port-To-Port. No Minimum. No Callout. No Mileage Service.

At Red Rover Service, we also know that we would not be where we are today without the help of our wonderful customers and we wanted to reflect our appreciation in our service to you. That’s why we decided to offer port to port, no-minimum, no call-out fee, and no mileage service, it’s our way of saying thank you!

Roadside Assistance Near Me in Charlotte, NC

If you are searching for emergency roadside assistance provider in or around Charlotte, NC, Red Rover can help! Just give us a call today at 704-317-6161 and let us know how we can help you and we’ll have a team out to you in no time at all!