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At Red Rover Service, our mobile diesel truck service can help you with all of your diesel truck services when you need them most. Our team of dedicated mechanics is always ready to come out to you and get you back on the road when the unexpected happens. One way to prevent the unexpected, however, is to keep up with your truck’s necessary preventative maintenance work. That is why today we are going to cover six crucial preventative maintenance jobs that – when done as required – will help to keep your rig on the road!

Mobile Diesel Truck Service – 6 Crucial Preventative Maintenance Jobs

1. ABS Check

The anti-skid braking system on your truck is crucial to your safety and the safety of everyone else on the road. Your ABS should be checked during routine maintenance on your truck, but it is also imperative that you get any ABS-related lights on the dash checked out immediately.

Your ABS system is crucial to safe travel and performs the following functions (among others)

  • Electronic stability control (ESC)
  • Emergency brake assist
  • Steer control integration
  • Brakeforce distribution
  • Traction control

It is particularly important to have your ABS looked over as the winter season starts and the roads start to get wet, icy, and snowy.

2. Fluid Checks

Another crucial element in truck maintenance that – when done regularly – will help to keep you from calling in roadside assistance is fluid checks. Fluid checks ensure that all the necessary fluids are topped off and flushed as needed so that your truck can run at optimal capacity.

Fluid checks and maintenance should always involve inspection of –

  • Diesel Oil Changes
  • Wiper fluids
  • Coolant
  • Power Steering Fluids
  • Fuel system checks
  • Brake fluid

3. Tire Checks

We can’t overstate the importance of tire checks. In fact, every time you get ready to head out, it’s crucial that you do a walk around and check every tire on your truck. Check for unusual wear patterns, bubbling, punctures, loss of air pressure, etc. If you notice any type of compromise in the tire structure, it’s time to consult your mechanic and to have them take care of the problem before you hit the road and potentially make them wore!

4. Electrical System Checks

Checking the electrical system of your rig is another “must,” both during regular maintenance as well as each time you get ready to set out on a run. Your truck’s electrical system is one of the more important powerhouses in your rig, so it’s crucial to always keep up with checks including –

  • Alternator check.
  • Starter check.
  • Battery check.
  • Lighting check.
  • Wiring harness inspection.
  • Wiring harness connector inspection.
  • Switch, relay and solenoid checks.
  • Electrical lighting circuits inspection.
  • Battery voltage supply systems check.
  • Computer control system component check.
  • Auxiliary Power Units inspection.
  • Cable & Wire Integrity Checks.

5. Brake Check

In addition to checking the ABS system, it is equally as important to check the brake system itself. During routine maintenance, one of the most important elements to check is the brake lining to ensure that there are no leaks in the air pressure system. Other important elements of your braking system that are checked regularly include:

  • Checking the parking brake to ensure that it holds your truck.
  • Hydraulic brake system check.
  • Air brake check.

6. DOT Inspection

DOT inspection is not just a required obligation for trucks to legally operate, it is also about ensuring that your truck is fully road safe for you and for those driving around you. During DOT inspection checks, inspectors may check elements that you may not think about because they are less to do with mechanics and more to do with you as a driver. They may check things such as –

  1. CDLs
  2. Seat belts
  3. Medical cards
  4. ELD compliance
  5. Records of duty status

It is best to run through every personal aspect of your role as the truck’s driver when your truck is undergoing DOT inspection as it serves as a good reminder and takes care of everything in one fell swoop.

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