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If your flatbed truck needs repair, Red Rover Service can send an ASE-certified technician to your location. Once on-site, our expert mechanic could complete roadside repairs, inspect your flatbed truck, evaluate the cause of the malfunction and replace any components that may need to be replaced.

Our mobile mechanic is capable of replacing tires, fixing hydraulic lines, inspecting the battery, evaluating the electrical system, and examining the brake system.

Replacing a Tire

According to several reports, more than 10 percent of commercial trucks have damaged tires, and if a tire is damaged, the level of air pressure could quickly decrease and leave you stranded.

A damaged tire may also reduce the grip of the treads, affect the vehicle’s handling and decrease the efficiency of the suspension system. Once our mobile roadside service technician inspects the damaged tire, we could quickly replace the tire and get you back on the road.

Flatbed Repair: Examining the Hydraulic Lines and Completing a Repair

We will inspect your hydraulic lines, and in the event our mechanic evaluates a damaged component, they will determine the cause of the damage, examine the material and inspect relevant components. If needed, our mobile tech will install a new hydraulic line that can improve the efficiency of your flatbed truck, prevent damage and reduce the costs of routine maintenance.

Flatbed Truck Repair: Inspecting the Brake System

An RRS mobile mechanic will thoroughly examine the calipers, the rotors and the brake pads. If the brake pads are worn, the old brake pads could slowly reduce the smoothness of your rotors, and consequently, the worn components may decrease the efficacy of the brake system. Once we inspect the brake system, our technician may install new calipers, durable brake pads and thick rotors. Additionally, our mechanic could attach lightweight clips that will stabilize the calipers.

Sometimes, corrosion might damage the brake lines, and eventually, corrosion could cause substantial leaks. A leaking brake line may considerably reduce the level of brake fluid in the master cylinder. Additionally, the leaking brake line could decrease the pressure within the brake system. After our technician examines the brake lines, we may install new brake lines that feature durable materials, which can prevent corrosion.

Examining and Replacing the Battery

Multiple reports have suggested that at least 15 percent of commercial trucks contain old batteries, and sometimes, a worn battery could provide less voltage, reduce the efficiency of your truck’s electrical system and decrease the effectiveness of the spark plugs. After an RRS truck service technician evaluates the battery, we may install a new battery that will increase the amperes, provide sufficient voltage and improve the efficiency of electrical components.

In most cases, the manufacturer will also provide a warranty that can protect the new battery, and usually, the warranty is valid for at least two years.

Once our mechanic installs a new battery, the durable battery can substantially improve the performance of the spark plugs. Therefore, the spark plugs could considerably increase the available horsepower, and according to several reports, efficient spark plugs may improve fuel efficiency, reduce carbon emissions and increase acceleration.

While onsite our technician will also examine the alternator, which delivers electricity to the battery. The alternator contains a voltage regulator, durable brushes, a sizable rotor and efficient bearings. If an alternator needs repairs, our technician can quickly replace the alternator.

How to Contact Mobile Truck Repair Red Rover Service

If you’re stranded, call our emergency roadside service hotline. We have live dispatch! At Red Rover Service, we can quickly dispatch an experienced roadside repair mechanic who will repair your flatbed truck.

If you would like to learn additional information about Red Rover Service, you may browse our website, examine our service areas, review customer testimonials and look through our blog.

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