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NC truck repair is one of our many areas of expertise here at Red Rover Service. With over 45 years of combined experience, our expert team is always ready to help you with your truck repair needs, and more. Why choose Red Rover over the competition? Here are just a few reasons…

NC Truck Repair: 5 Reasons to Call Red Rover Service

1. Live Dispatch

At Red Rover Service, we have a live dispatch service that ensures that when you need us, we will be there. You won’t be left leaving messages, waiting for callbacks, or being bounced between two different phone numbers. Our live dispatch will make sure that you get the service you need and that you get it ASAP by sending one of our skilled team members out to your location in record time.

2. Factory/ASE Certified Technicians

You might be surprised to know that not every trucking service company does things above board and not all of them hire certified technicians! At Red Rover Service, we only hire staff members who are fully certified to do the job that they’re hired for. That means that when you call out our team for assistance you will be met by a factory/ASE certified technician who will have you back on the road in no time at all.

Why is it important to have a licensed technician work on your vehicle? Safety, reliability, and peace of mind! You wouldn’t let your next-door neighbor take out your appendix because he knows about anatomy would you? It’s the same principle. To get proper service that is certified, you have to work with a certified technician!

3. No Hidden Fees

Hidden fees are the bane of everyone’s existence and yet, they tend to appear with just about everything in life. Well, not Red Rover services. We hate hidden fees just as much as the next guy which is why we are transparent about our pricing and we never include added fees that run up your bill exponentially. Our quoted service price includes port to port, no mileage charges, no callout fee, and there’s no minimum charge to have our team come out to you. We rely on your business and we know that nickel and diming our clients is the worst possible way to thank them for their patronage!

4. 24/7 Service

You know how emergencies ALWAYS seem to happen at the most inconvenient time? For example, you always need a Dr. on a weekend, you always need a dentist over Thanksgiving, etc. Well trucks tend to be the same way. We can pretty much guarantee that if your truck breaks down and you need assistance it’s going to be 3am on a Sunday. That’s why at Red Rover we offer 24/7 service to all of our clients. It doesn’t matter what time it is or what day of the week it is, just call our dispatch and we’ll send our best technicians and mechanics out to help you to resolve the issue.

We could be like the other guys and only work M-F 9-5, but, like you, we know that those big events don’t tend to happen during those times, they wait until it’s most inconvenient instead. So the next time that your rig decides to inconvenience you, all you need to do is pick up the phone and we’ll be there.

5. Our Other Services

At Red Rover, we don’t just specialize in truck repairs, we also offer scheduled maintenance, DOT inspection, fleet management, and industrial machine repair. One of the biggest benefits to this is that it allows us to have access to all of your vehicle’s service records so that if you do need repairs we can find out the best way to tackle the problem. It also allows us to monitor and address any suspicious issues that may start developing with your truck before they get serious so that you don’t wind up sitting by the roadside waiting for an emergency callout!

5 Truck Services Red Rover Service Can Provide

Looking For a Reliable Mechanic For NC Truck Repair?

If you’re looking for a reliable mechanic for your business for truck repair, emergency roadside service for large trucks, fleet management, scheduled maintenance, and DOT inspections, call our team today at 704-317-6161 to make an appointment that’s convenient for you!