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As a professional trucker, you can never foresee every incident you’ll encounter. The worse those conditions are, the more help you’ll need when you least expect it. The stress your vehicle deals with will eventually wear down its parts and pieces. Box truck repair is part of the job, but some jobs are just too big to do alone. Being stuck “in the middle of nowhere” won’t do you any good.

Today, we’re going to discuss box truck repairs and how to find a repair service to fix your commercial vehicle whether it be broken down on the side of the highway or at a job site.

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Emergency Box Truck Repair Service

Roadside Box Truck Repair

Why a Roadside Box Truck Repair Is an Option

A box truck repair doesn’t have to delay your route as you work. Emergency service is available 24-hours a day and is brought to your location when you need it the most. There are a number of issues to reconsider right now. Finding yourself pulled over during a long drive doesn’t have to be the outcome. There are preparations and steps to take to reduce the chance of any need for repairs. Just keep in mind the likelihood of the following as you get future trips and hauls:

Blown-Out Tires

The world doesn’t end because you’ve blown out your tires. Just be sure to find a safe place to settle your vehicle, and then assess the situation. Retrieve any spare tires you have if possible. Just don’t overexert yourself in trying to replace that wheel alone. Long trips that eat through all of your spares do come at times. This is why emergency service is ideal. The specific gauge and size of your tires can be delivered to where you are and then installed with relative ease.


Only a certified technician has the legal credentials to open your vehicle during lockouts. These technicians can also make new key copies right on site. The complexity of a lockout requires you to wait things out at most. We specifically use a well-known map and technicians who have learned the roads and highways that you travel on.

Lift-Gate Problems and Other Delays

Whether mechanical or not, lift gates that don’t open disable you from making a complete transfer of your cargo. Leaving for your next destination might be a near-impossible feat if you can’t, for example, close your liftgate and protect your load. We have the tools and mechanics that make it possible for us to provide mobile liftgate repair services so that you can get back on the road and making money!

Batteries, Alternators and Starters

We understand that your truck won’t always be in its top shape. Something as easy to handle as a battery is enough to disrupt your trip. Keep in mind that anything can happen when you’ve been driving from location to location.

Replacing a battery might be necessary, but jumpstarting yours is also possible. We’re equipped and prepared to provide jumpstart services or work on your alternators and starters as soon as we arrive.

Refrigerants and Accessories

Don’t overlook the importance of your refrigerants when you prepare for a long trip. Your job is to transport a very important load. Any loss or degradation of that cargo will result in some consequences on your end. An overworked box truck can overlook such detail, but you can’t when operating a refrigerated load. Fixing reefer truck components while you’re stranded is not only possible, but something that Red Rover Service of the Carolinas specializes in. From refrigerants to coils, there’s no job too big or too small for us.

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Towing When Necessary

Towing is what we offer when things are as bleak as they can get.

An example of this is when time is needed to order any special parts you seek. In such cases, it might be best to bring your vehicle to a shop. In some cases, truckers find themselves stuck in a ditch or hole. A strong engine can pull these box trucks from trenches in some cases, but in many situations, you can cause damage to your box truck by even attempting it.

Whether for a short or long haul, emergency towing services can come to you.

Red Rover Service: Servicing North and South Carolinas

When you need emergency box truck repair services, consider an ASE-certified big rig mechanic that can come to you. Trusting just anyone with your commercial truck can make your situation worse.

At Red Rover Service, we’re ASE-certified, licensed, and insured. With years of experience behind us, we specifically offer services for commercial vehicles and other big rigs. We proudly provide roadside repairs and on-site fleet management in both North and South Carolina. You can reach us at 704-317-6161.