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When it comes to roadside truck repair, should you call for roadside help? Or should you call a tow truck? Or should you fix the problem with a temporary fix until you can get back to your preferred mechanic? That’s what we’re talking about today, so stay tuned!

Roadside Truck Repair: Should You Call For Roadside Help?

You’re on the road and something starts to feel “wrong” with your commercial vehicle. You’re no mechanic, but you know how your vehicle should feel, and right now, it doesn’t feel like that! So…is this something that requires roadside help right now? Or is this something that can wait until you get back?

First Thing’s First…

First thing is first, if you are contemplating calling roadside truck repair out, you likely should be calling roadside truck repair. Most commercial drivers have driven their vehicles for long enough to know what “normal” feels like. Anytime your vehicle does not feel “normal” you need to have a professionally licensed mechanic take a look as soon as possible. We hear you asking “how soon is as soon as possible?” Couldn’t you just push it until you get home…drive extra carefully? It’s NEVER advisable to overlook any type of mechanical problem with your vehicle. Not only does pushing through until you get home put you and other people on the road in danger, but it also stands to make your problem MUCH MUCH worse.

Think of when you get a small rip in your favorite shirt. You keep wearing it anyway because it’s your favorite shirt, of course! But as you keep wearing it, that rip gets caught on things and gets bigger and bigger until what could have been a small fix, now renders your shirt unwearable. The same thing goes for many mechanical issues. Say your low oil pressure warning light comes on. You decide that this is your last run, so you can push it until you get home. Well, it turns out that you had an oil leak and as that oil level gets lower and lower, your engine begins to grind until eventually, it seizes. You have turned what could be a very affordable fix into a very costly problem – the engine of your vehicle is now completely unsalvagable.

But What If It’s a Minor Issue?

Okay, so not every problem with your vehicle is going to be so significant that it destroys your engine, so what if you are experiencing a minor issue? Do you push through? Or do you stop and call roadside assistance?

First, let’s look at the oil situation above. For some people, low oil pressure is at least something that can make it until the next town over. We disagree. While it may seem like a small concern to these people, a significant leak can turn it into a major problem in no time at all. The thing is, without a mechanic’s experience, you can’t be sure that the “small problem” you are facing is small at all! And you can’t be sure that a small problem will remain a small problem!

Second, as a commercial driver, it’s always important that you remember your position on the road. You are driving a LARGE vehicle. A large vehicle that can do a significant amount of damage if something goes wrong. Now, as a professional driver, you have the skill to navigate roads and detour in the blink of an eye, but when you do these things you have control of your vehicle. When something is out of the ordinary with your vehicle, however, it can be unpredictable which means that you don’t have full control and you can’t predict what might happen next. As a responsible driver, you should ALWAYS remember that on the road you are one of many and the vehicle you are driving is capable of indescribable destruction. Don’t chance anyone’s safety just so that you can get to your destination faster or avoid being late on a delivery. NOTHING is worth the cost of someone’s life.

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Do You Need A Reliable Service For Roadside Truck Repair?

If you live in or around Charlotte, NC, and are in need of reliable service for your roadside truck repair services, consider Red Rover Service your “go-to”. We have only the best, professionally certified mechanics on staff and we are here 24/7 for you, just give us a call at 704-317-6161!